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Should Selling a California Luxury Home Be a Top Priority?

by Taunee English 12/01/2019

For those who own a luxury home in Los Angeles, Malibu or any other California city or town, now may prove to be the ideal time to list your residence. In fact, there are many reasons to make selling your Golden State luxury house a top priority, and these include:

1. You could profit from your home sale.

There is significant demand for luxury houses in San Francisco, Sacramento and elsewhere across California. Thus, if you add your Golden State luxury residence to the local housing market, there may be no shortage of interest in your home.

Ultimately, a seller who removes clutter and upgrades a California luxury home's curb appeal may be better equipped than others to enjoy a seamless home selling experience. If you decide to sell your California luxury home, you may want to focus on various home improvements. That way, you can transform an ordinary Golden State luxury home into an attractive option for prospective buyers.

2. You can relocate to a bigger or smaller residence.

If you find your luxury home in Beverly Hills, San Bernardino or anywhere else in California has become too big for you, it may be a good time to list your residence and downsize. Conversely, if your current Golden State luxury house is no longer big enough for you, selling your home and upgrading to a larger residence is a viable option.

Remember, the California luxury housing market offers opportunities for buyers and sellers across the state. If you find that your present luxury home no longer suits you, listing your home and relocating to a new residence is a possibility for any luxury homeowner, at any time.

3. You can enjoy unparalleled flexibility.

Selling a luxury home in California gives you the flexibility to do lots of things. For instance, if you've always wanted to reside close to Staples Center, you can sell your current luxury residence and relocate to the Los Angeles area. Or, if you want to live close to family members and friends in San Jose, selling your current Golden State luxury home gives you the flexibility to do just that.

If you intend to list your California luxury home in the foreseeable future, working with a real estate agent is crucial. Because if you have a real estate agent at your side, you can quickly and effortlessly navigate the California luxury home selling journey.

A real estate agent will do everything possible to help you streamline the California luxury home selling process. From adding your luxury house to the Golden State housing market to helping you get the best price for your residence, a real estate agent will go above and beyond the call of duty to assist you.

As you get set to list your California luxury residence, you may want to employ a real estate agent. By doing so, you can get the help you need to sell your Golden State luxury home and optimize your home sale earnings.

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Taunee English


2019 Beverly Hills/Los Angeles REALTOR of the YEAR!

Taunee English is third-year award winning Real Estate Broker of Lions Realty Group, a ResiMercial Boutique Brokerage serving Greater Los Angeles and the 2019 winner of Los Angeles Real Estate Agency Award!

She is an U.S Navy Veteran, and she is as devoted to entrepreneurship and professional development as she is to our country. Taunee serves as Chair of Professional Development Committee at Beverly Hills/Greater Los Angeles Association of Realtors and also serves as a State Director, California Association of Realtors.

Taunee English is strong supporter of Women In Leadership and is one of the founding members of Metro L.A./Beverly Hills Women's Council of REALTORS®.

And most of all she devoted daughter to her parents - a mother that she plays Twinsie with fashion photo shoots at least three times a year and a father who has the onset of Alzheimer which prompted Taunee to obtain her certificate in Fiduciary Management from UC Riverside and to further her work with families in establishing trusts and avoiding probate.

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